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When some give gifts they worry about whether the person will enjoy it, or if they gave the right thing. They are also concerned with what they will receive in return. Giving

Giving Generously
Giving Generously

often leads to disappointment, and that is only because it is not true giving, but giving to get a reward. In fact, many feel they are constantly giving, and receive very little in return.

We Receive So Much That We Are Unaware Of

We receive so much that we are not aware of, because we are constantly focusing upon the returns. We are not aware of all we are being given, moment by moment. For example, we receive our breath, without which we could not stay alive. We receive the breath and then naturally breathe out and return it to the universe. At that moment no one worries about whether there will be another breath to come in and fill us again. True giving and receiving always take place naturally, it’s inevitable.

Don’t Give To Get: Give Generously

And when you give to another with a feeling of waiting for something in return, or with a sense of debt or obligation, this is never true giving. It is simply a transaction in the marketplace, that makes us tense. We think I gave you this, now you give me that. That's not to blame ourselves but to be aware that true giving is always with open hands, not looking for anything in return.

Who You Are Is The True Gift

Of course the true gift you give is always who you are. All the rest are toys and decorations. And when you realize that, there is so much joy in giving itself that you don’t need anything in return. You feel so fulfilled, what else are you looking for? You will feel so wonderful and the other will feel it as well.

What Do You Have To Give?

Some people say, I don't have anything to give. What can I give of myself? I have to give them money, presents. I have to put on a performance and make them happy. But is that true?

Take a moment and discover what do you have to give? How about a smile? Can you greet someone truly and fully? What a wonderful gift that is, to be there fully with someone and offer a real smile. What a gift to take a moment to stop rushing around and acknowledge the other person, really smile at them. Even saying good morning in that frame of mind, will lift somebody for the rest of the day.

Why not offer a greeting and smile like that to everyone, it could be the doorman, the delivery man, the waiter at the restaurant. Take a moment to truly say hello. How wonderful for both of you.

A True Smile Is A Wonderful Gift

I did a workshop about welcoming the disowned self and one of the homework assignments was to take a little walk each morning and whomever you saw along the way, to smile at them and say a real good morning. Greet the person. Enjoy the moment. Here we are, most of us living in this world so lonely and disconnected. So how about just saying hello.

I decided to do the assignment as well and went for a walk. When I saw someone on the street, I smiled and said good morning, fully. The people I saw at first looked startled, then usually, were delighted. When I got to the park, somebody was sweeping up, standing on a broom, gazing into the distance, looking quite sad.

You Just Made My Day

I said, good morning and meant it. The person's eyes popped open as they turned to me. I never saw a more beaming smile as they said, “You just made my day.”

Their words went right through me, I never forgot them. They made me so happy as well as I saw that true giving and receiving are one. Why did my words and smile make their day? Because they didn't feel so alone. When we stop for a moment to greet and connect with another, a moment of loneliness is transformed.

True Giving And Receiving Are One

After that encounter, I felt so uplifted, walked on and sat down on a bench. As I sat there, all these little birds start flying towards me, chirping. The sound of their song startled me. For the first time, I was really was able to hear it. Felt as though they were singing to me.

We were all part of one larger activity. I said hello to the person leaning on the broom and was now receiving the same greeting from these beautiful birds. Such a gift to receive their song. Such a gift to be able to really hear it.

As we give truly, a response always comes. We simply have to be available to receive it and to enjoy the wonder of the offering.

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