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Finding Inspiration
Finding Inspiration


It’s one thing to say, “Feel good, look to the bright side, make the day worthwhile, no matter

how much fear has gripped you, or how upset you really are. It's another to develop the wonderful capacity to truly live each day in a positive, uplifted state of mind. And to be a source of inspiration for others as well. This takes practice. True inspiration is not a fleeting feeling, which comes and goes, it cannot be pasted over feelings of anxiety and sorrow.

True Inspiration Is Not A Fleeting Feeling

In order to make each day worthwhile and attain a truly uplifted state of being, for it to dependable, you must learn a new way of being with the inevitable disappointment and upset that come along. When you see what upset and disappointment really are, they lose their power over you. Then, rather than hide from what is unpleasant, you can meet it face to face, as though you were greeting an old friend.

Upset Can Pass Easily

Most upset passes easily, when you see it for what it is and do not add on lots of stories about it. Usually, though, we tell ourselves and others endless stories and interpretations about what we think is going on. We develop all kinds of expectations, too, about what may be coming next. These stories make the upset solid and intensify it.

But behind the commotion, upset is simply a feeling that is passing, coming and going. We are always senior to the feeling when we see what it is. Then, it’s simple to just let it go.

Most feelings are like a thunderstorm on a summer night, they arise, flash and disappear. There is no need to hide from thunder and lightning. As you learn to welcome all kinds of situations and accept all parts of yourself, true well being and inspiration become inevitable, like a flower blooming in the soil.

What Is The Precious Jewel We Have Lost?

There’s a beautiful poem that says, “The precious jewel we have lost, some say it is to the East of us, others to the West.” (Rumi). This precious jewel is an enduring sense of well being and appreciation for being alive. But why have we lost it, and where can it be found?

Most of us spend our lives searching outside for that which will make our lives worthwhile, a relationship, accomplishment, new title. However, whatever we find can not permanently give us the sense of worth and value we seek.

True Happiness And Sense of Value Is Planted Within

Finding inspiration, happiness and sense of value is planted within. We have simply to stop our usual ways of living, sit down, turn around, look inside, and make acquaintance with all that we are, and all that we are not. As we grow in the courage to face and accept the truth of ourselves, we see there is nothing outside that can harm us.

It is only our pretense that we are someone we are not, only our tying ourselves into knots to please others, that has caused us to behave in life defeating ways and to fear exposure.

And, as we watch the nature of our fleeting feelings, we realize that moments of darkness or difficulty always come and go. They are not who we ultimately are. We are the host, not the guest. As we make acquaintance with the host, our lives becomes planted on firm ground.

We Are Completely Worthwhile

As we discover that which does not fluctuate, or come and go, our own treasure house is opened. Then we have access to endless joy, compassion and inspiration. It is easy to then see that not only life, but we ourselves are completely worthwhile. Not only is each day an incredible gift, but you will cherish each moment, use it wisely and become able to say Thank You for everything.


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