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Developing Authentic Peace of Mind

Developing Peace of Mind
Developing Authentic Peace of Mind

We all seek ways of calming down, becoming balanced and feeling a sense of ease. Unfortunately, most of the time the peace we discover is temporary. As soon as a new situation arises, or an unwanted encounter, we are often back in our familiar mode of worry and concern.

Authentic peace of mind, however, is unshakeable. No matter what changes appear in our world, we are able to welcome it. Authentic peace of mind is not a series of ideas, beliefs or practices, but the very heart of who we truly are. When we live from this basis, we can walk on our own two feet and no longer deny our deepest reality.

The practices and principles of developing authentic peace of mind can be practiced in your every day life. They exist as a path for you to walk on and discover for yourself where your true security lays. A few steps are described below. Try them out, taste them and see what happens next.

A) Principles of Authentic Faith

“To straighten someone, do a harder thing, - first straighten yourself. “

The Buddha

When in contact with others, never attempt to change, improve or help them. Look at each person who comes as your teacher, as a gift you are receiving, which allows you to see another aspect of yourself. Rather than viewing a person as an object, see the ways in which you are similar, find the ways in which you can serve them.

Those who practice authentic peace of mind, do not assume the role of authority. Rather than become judge, jury, teacher or wise one, they relate simply as themselves and join the other the person in their experience. By listening deeply and openly, they give honor to the other, and simultaneously, let go of their own negative ego, which never sees what is right there.

“Who is wise? He who learns from others.”

Pier Ke Avot

B) Judge Everyone Favorably

Individuals absorb the ways in which we perceive them. When we feel hopeless about them, they feel it and tend to respond hopelessly. If, instead, we see their strength and beauty, not only they, but we too, are lifted into another vibration - of hope and strength.

What we pay attention to increases. The more we focus upon what is powerful and healthy in others, the more we will not only bring good faith into relationships, but experience that in our own lives as well.

The practice of authentic peace of mind teaches us that when we see negativity in others, we must step back and realize this negativity is within ourselves. We do not project it onto them. No matter how great their disarray, each person contains great possibility. If we cannot see this, it is our problem, not theirs.

C) Forget About Dominating Anybody

“He was powerful, not because he dominated the scene, but because he was true.”


It’s easy to get trapped into the power game and unwittingly dominate others. Not only does this take true power from us, it destroys our own ability to live with balance and peace. We do not have anyone’s answers or life direction. By allowing others to give us their power, we are taking away their responsibility for their own lives and weakening them. This is a very great trap. Don’t fall in it.

D) Train In Your Own Authenticity

As we train in our own authenticity, a true sense of value and meaning appears in our lives. We are humbled many times, and in this process, realize where our own wisdom and strength are coming from. Day by day we are given many opportunities to strip away the lies, ego, illusions, masks, the desire for power and feeling we have the absolute truth. As we become more humble and simple we then become fitting vessels for true power and true peace of mind to enter our lives.

The practice of developing authentic peace of mind is the practice of become fully present, totally available to ourselves and others, being with life one hundred per cent, nothing in between. When you are really trustworthy then you will be trusted. If you have deep faith in others, faith will enter your life. When you relate to others in a way that brings peace, then authentic peace of mind will accompany you in all your ways.


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